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2019-21 Silverado/Sierra 1500 4wd 4 front/4 rear suspension lift with Trail Performance Struts and shocks

Fits ext & crew cab. Does not fit Trailboss / AT4 or ARC models

Belltech has extended our product line to now include mid-range 4" Suspension Lift Kit Systems for the 2007-2018 Silverado/Sierra 1500 4WD trucks. Precision engineered cooperatively in the USA, this suspension lift kit system is the best riding lift kit on the market–period. Designed to ride, handle, and become more capable off-road than any other GM kit on the market. Belltech’s precisely engineered lift kits include custom-designed front height adjustable Trail Performance struts and rear Trail Performance Twin Tube shocks. These lift kits not only improve your ride quality but also retain factory alignment cams and specifications, retains the factory track width, and most importantly, does not induce bump steer! Bump steer occurs when your truck’s wheels steer themselves without your input from the steering wheel, causing a sloppy steering and ride experience, and our Belltech lift kit keeps the steering nice and tight. In the front end, to correct the CV angles, Belltech engineers designed our proprietary differential drop spacers. Our precision designed control arms reposition the upper ball joints to retain the OE joint angle and travel, keeping the control arm travel range the same as stock. The replacement control arms were purposely engineered to improve strength and reduce weight while improving durability. Unlike with most lifted vehicles, with Belltech Lift Kits, there is no sacrifice in your turn radius as these kits were engineered to maintain factory turning radius. We also include a ¼" thick laser-cut skid plate to protect your ride’s driveline and steering components when tackling the off-road terrain. In the rear, lift blocks and longer heavy-duty U-bolts level the truck’s stance, and our Belltech twin-tube custom-tuned shocks complete our suspension system. Another great benefit of using our Belltech Lift Kits, is they are an easy installation that is a direct bolt on solution (Heavy-duty Grade 10 hardware) that requires no cutting or welding. Our Belltech Suspension Lift Kits also feature a Lifetime Warranty – so you’re covered, no matter what. This lift kit does not fit on trucks equipped with Autoride, MagRide, or Adaptive Ride Control. This lift kit also does not fit any TrailBoss or AT4 models. This 4" Lift Kit Suspension System includes: Tubular upper control arms Height adjustable Trail Performance Struts Matching rear Trail Performance Shocks Thick ¼" powdercoated steel Skid Plate Block kit Easy installation OEM alignment *We do not recommend traveling at speeds above 50 mph in 4WD High Mode with our kit set at 4". If you require traveling at speeds above 50 mph in 4WD High, then set the lift kit at 3" of height. The installation instructions include detailed directions on how to do so.


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2019 to 2021GMCSierra 15001500 4wd